January 12 - March 20, 2015
Call for applications, first round
March 20 - 25, 2015
Evaluation of submissions by the Organizational Committee.
March 26, 2015
Announcement of finalists Ukrainian contest "Innovation Breakthrough" (80 projects).
March 30, 2015
Education programme for semi-finalists.
March 31 - April 6, 2015
Executive Summary preparation.
April 6 - 9, 2015
Processing of the Executive Summary by an international expert committee. Determination of finalists (20 projects).
April 9, 2015
Announcement of the finalists of the All-Ukrainian contest "Innovation Breakthrough".
April 16, 2015
Road Show.
April 16, 2015
Winners attend All-Ukrainian contest "Innovation Breakthrough" Award Ceremony.

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26 August 2013 - Call for applications for participation in the fifth season of \
 Innovation projects are accepted starting August 26 till October 25 through the website. The best projects will be presented to venture capital investors in Ukraine and the United States and winners will get the opportunity to develop their projects in Happy Farm business incubator and receive a cash prize from CRDF Global. Global Management Challenge Ukraine announces the start of a new season of "Innovation Breakthrough - 2013." We invite entrepreneurs, developers,...

8 December 2011 - -

8 November 2011 - 109 innovative projects advanced to the semifinals of the competition \\\\
109 innovative projects were selected to the semifinals of the competition "Innovation Breakthrough 2011. Year of Information Technology. " Of these more advanced to the semifinals of projects in the categories "Promising Innovation Project" (34 projects) and the "Best Innovative Idea" -33 project. In the category "Best project of young professionals," the semi-finals went seven projects in the nomination "The successful start of the innovative...

1 September 2009 - Semifinalists was announce
At Sep 1st, 2009 Semifinalist of Сontest was annouce. They are 80 inovation projects, wich applied to Contest from all Ukraine Region, and few from Israil, Russia and Belorus. They was selected from 460 projects which was in Contest's pool. Протягом чотирьох місяців експертам Конкурсу згідно його Положенням заборонялося давати коментарі щодо поданих на участь в ньому проектів. Проте зараз своїми враженнями поділився голова експертної комісії Денис Довгополий, керуючий директор BayView...

24 August 2009 - Experts in IPR are will come to the seminar \
  Sep 7-8th, 2009 Seminar "Principles of high-technology business" will be in Kyiv. This seminar will organize special for project-semifinalists of the contest. The aim is to educate developers about the management of innovation, how to work with investors and about  intellectual property rights for the successful implementation of innovative projects. We invite two experts in IPR area from Boston, USA - Gennadiy Vinokur* and Mark Beloborodov** to take part in...

16 August 2009 - Registration for the contest is over
  460 projects have applied to the contest   «For the first time in Ukraine, we saw the contest,  that can restore the innovative activity in Ukraine, combining the best innovation of the domestic authors and covering all regions of the country ». V. Sirotin   Stage filing and registration of projects to participate in the competition ended. Organizers have taken 460 projects from all over Ukraine. Such number of innovative projects did not expect...

6 August 2009 - Working with investors has started in good way
Not waiting for the Contest's official ceremony, Organizers began to promote interesting projects. In middle of hot summer season with helping of Support Program «Idea? Super!» organized meeting for authors of three відбулися зустрічі авторів трьох innovative project-participants Ukrainian Contest «Innovative Breakthrough 2009» with investors. They was Останніми виступили JSCB «Industrialbank», Commercial Bank «Khreshchatyk», Joint Stock Bank...


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