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18 June 2009 - Participants will take part in start-up Picnic.

The Ukrainian contest “Innovation Breakthough 2009” have been lasted for 2,5 months. More than 150 innovation projects are registered. We do not know who will be the winner, but organizators have worked already, they want to develop projects on the first stage.
This time authors were success in it sphere. Contest with supporting programme of internet-projects “Idea?Super!” give them a possibility to visit without charge and to take part in the alternative non-official summit Start-up picnic.
This event will be in Kiev. Maximum 100 enterprisers who have small business can take part in this Summit. Participants will be able to communicate with like-mined persons, to get lessons from foreign leading experts: Bliss Braun(USA, former banker, now founder and president of  “imagine Chicago”, graduated Harvard University and Jel University); Stenna Aransbach glavik (Denmark, partner and graphic facilitator Bigger Pictures, graphic consultant).
Summit will be informal Art of Hosting- this is a special method of facilization of events to attract every participant to be active in process.
Organizators of High Technology Start-Up Picnic in Ukraine “Innovation Breakthough 2009” will go on to draw every participant of the Contest in such educational events and forms. This format of communication give a possibility to develop, to form your innovation proposals in a better way not only in contest application, but to set forth your ideas in business-plans more clear for investors.

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