October 2014 - February, 2015
Call for applications, first round

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Principles of contest



"Innovation Breakthrough 2015"



Mission of the contest:

  • To promote the development of innovation activity in Ukraine;
  • To unite interests of investors, inventors and enterprisers for the successful new products and services.


  • To increase economic effectiveness of the business fields through introducing new innovation ideas of Ukrainian inventors.


  • Formation of facts of innovation projects, examination and selection of the best to invest;
  • “Innovation Project” means complex of correlated measures to create science-engineering investigations and to direct them to market (invention, experimental results)

Organizers and Partners:

The contest is supported by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ukrainian State Agency for Science, Innovation and Information, sponsors and partners.


Finalists will be able to present their projects at “Road show”. It is a presentation of innovation projects, where investors from Ukraine and other countries will be.

Semi-finalists will take part in the education programme "The principles of Business Modelling”, aimed at creating business model of the project.

Finalists and semi-finalists will get diplomas accordingly to nominations.


Selection of the winners:

Winners of the contest will be selected from the participants, whose projects will demonstrate best results in the following points:

  • Innovation, novelty and preparedness to realization;
  • Size and dynamics of the aim-market of the innovation;
  • Organizational potential and qualification of the project team.

The authorities of the contest:

1) Organization Committee.
ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE is formed to organize and carry out a contest.
ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE consult about documents, accepts documentation, passes a staff and an agenda of Expert Council, confirms decisions of Expert Council about project list, which is permitted to the next stages of the contest; informs about decisions according to projects; regularly informs International Observer Bord about course of events of the contest; organizes presentation of the contest, education programme, “Road Show” and Award Ceremony.
ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE doesn’t comment decision of the Expert Council about selection of the projects; doesn’t return application; does not inform about intermediate results and current status of the application; doesn’t explain the reason of denying.
2) Expert Council and International Observer Bord.
EXPERT COUNCIL is created to examine projects which are presented on the contest. The members of EXPERT COUNCIL are representatives of International Corporation, innovation firms and other organizations; scientists and experts of different science branches; leading engineers, technicians and technologists. Also there are specialists who have authority with economic examination and finance affairs of innovation project.
EXPERT COUNCIL makes regular sessions to examine projects and comes to a decision who will take part in the next stages. You can be informed about list of EXPERT COUNCIL on the contest site.
The aim of the International Observer Bord is to observe the following of rules. The members of International Observer Bord are leading foreign specialists of innovations and investments.

Participants of the contest:

Any physical and juridical person can take part in the contest “Innovation Breakthrough 2015”, namely, authors of ideas and projects who want to build business according to their decision and who need a help of enterprisers to be successful in commerce.
Such persons as member of ORGANIZATION COMMITTEE, EXPERT COUNCIL and INTERNATIONAL Observer BORD, relatives cannot be participants of the contest.
Participants send their applications (projects description) to the contest address. In this way they prove that their applications have no commercial or state secret.
Organizations which take part in contest cannot be in condition of liquidation, bankruptcy, reorganization or economic crisis.
Participation is free of charge.

Nominations of the contest:

• Innovation Breakthrough 2015

• Best of Innovations for Kiev

• Innovation potential

• Grand Reserve

• The best youth project (Nomination is open for pupils of secondary schools and colleges)

• The best innovative idea (Nomination is open for university students)

An innovative breakthrough 2015 - a project that is economically valid innovative idea and can be at any stage of development.

Best of Innovations for Kiev - a project which deals with urgent problems and needs of Kiev city, accompanied by a business plan showing the required size of the investment flow, payback period and readiness to implement.

Grand Reserve - a project that is embedded in production, has a prototype or a test batch of product innovation, but it requires an investment of financial resources to start or expand production of innovative products.

The innovative potential of Ukraine - the nomination mainly intended for graduate students and young scientists who are just taking the first steps in the direction of technological businesses. It may be the result of scientific research.

The best youth project - in this category considered the application of pupils and college students, which represent the youth initiative that seeks to develop innovative ideas and entrepreneurial skills. The project can be presented in the form of ideas, and as a prototype or a finished business model.

The best innovative idea - the nomination, with the participation of university students who want to put into practice the theoretical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. Innovative ideas and projects are accepted at any stage of implementation.

Contest's Technological Areas:


• IT and telecom applications, social media, robotics, Software, etc.

• Energy, alternative energy sources.

• Medical technology, biotechnology and pharmacy.

• Environment and Resources.

• Other.


Rules of participation:

Registration is started after official open ceremony. Advertisement is on the site All documents regulated contest are on the official site.
To take part in contest you need to fulfill application form the site or to appeal to Organization Committee to get post-or fax-application.
Participants can fill in and send an application in any time. After that there are selections of application. If the application will be selected to participate in the contest, the participant will be given the Executive Summary (detailed application form), and which have to be submitted up to fixed deadlines.

 Participants can present as many project as they want in any nomination. Organization Committee registered all applications. Organizers can use fragment of projects for sites, articles, information issues, also can publish it with references to author.
Projects will be published on the contest site during 10 days applications received.
You can address to Organization Committee for more detail information.


Stages of the contest:

There are 3 stages. All results will be published on the site. Results cannot be commented or appealed.
1-st stage
  1-st stage is held from 26 August 2015 till 25 October 2015. Authors fill in an applications, which you can find on the site or receive post-or fax-application. After Expert Council examined simply application, which can be permitted to the next stage, participant will get the increased form of project description. After all increased forms are adopted, experts will select semi-finalists. Organization Committee will declare all results on 28 October 2013 on the official site.
2-nd stage
  There will be education programme “The principles of Business Modelling” for semi-finalists. Participants will be able to get Executive Summary (project resume, format of which is worked out for investors). Valuation of projects will be according to the Executive Summary. There will be selection of the finalists. All results of the final selection will be declared on 18 November 2015 on te official site.
3-rd stage
  Finalist will take part in “Road Show” on 25 November 2015, where they can present innovation projects directly to investors and Expert Council. On this stage experts will put marks, at first according to Executive Summary before “Road Show”, then after presentation during “Road Show”. All marks will be summarized, then Organization Committee will declare about winners in every nomination during Festive Award Ceremony of Ukrainian Contest “Innovation Break” (25 November 2015). There will be special prizes from partners of the Contest. List of winners will be declared on the site and information issues (official partners).



The winner of the competition will be granted with the five-month program for his/her project development in HAPPY FARM INCUBATOR including but not limited to the activity targeted  to his/her project development in Ukraine and traineeship in USA giving possibility to represent his/her project to the  venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

The winners of the young-blood awards also will be granted with educational programs provided by the HAPPY FARM business-incubator - a partners of the Innovation Breakthrough-2015.

To learn more about HAPPY FARM business – incubator and its services please visit our web-site






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