January 12 - March 20, 2015
Call for applications, first round
March 20 - 25, 2015
Evaluation of submissions by the Organizational Committee.
March 26, 2015
Announcement of finalists Ukrainian contest "Innovation Breakthrough" (80 projects).
March 30, 2015
Education programme for semi-finalists.
March 31 - April 6, 2015
Executive Summary preparation.
April 6 - 9, 2015
Processing of the Executive Summary by an international expert committee. Determination of finalists (20 projects).
April 9, 2015
Announcement of the finalists of the All-Ukrainian contest "Innovation Breakthrough".
April 16, 2015
Road Show.
April 16, 2015
Winners attend All-Ukrainian contest "Innovation Breakthrough" Award Ceremony.

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Principles of contest - Opportunities for Participants


Being involved into innovative development and increasing of competitiveness of national economy.State growth through innovations - it's sequential movement to realization of every innovation development, it's a way to post-industrial society, national wealth and welfare of every Ukrainian citizen. And this growth depends on the contribution each of us. «Innovative breakthrough - 2015» in this way looks like a link which combines all the participants of innovation and investment process in Ukraine.

Meet other developers and share experience innovation development and implementation.. During Contest organizers are organizing few events and meetings for participants, and all those, who are involved into innovation and investment activity in Ukraine: Round tables in the regions of Ukraine, Education program «The principles of Business Modelling», Road-Show, Awards Ceremony and others. 

Get expert assessment of innovation activity. Our experts - a leading and influential experts in the field of high-technology businesses from all over the world, who are working in the field of venture capital and implementation of innovative projects. Their positive evaluation of the projects - a confirmation of its high level, investment attraction and significance for the national economy.

Attract public interest to inventions. Contests regularly highlighted by the media. The most interesting projects always published in Contest's Media-Partners. In addition, names of all projects are published on Contest's web-site, where everyone interested can get information.

Get advice in the implementation of high-tech projects, protection of intellectual property, working with investors. For this, we organized a website consulting office, where everyone can ask our experts, get tips and advice on any aspects.

Present ideas and inventions to investors from Ukraine and other countries. Contest's finalists will participate in Road-Show. This opportunity not only to attract investment, but also clearly understand the peculiarities of working with investors for future.

Get funding and further implementation of its ideas into real business project. Nowadays, venture capital funds, which are forming in Ukraine and entrepreneurs with free resources are looking for opportunities and creating new markets based on new innovative ideas. We hope that contest "Innovation Breakthrough 2015" will became a platform for this process. 


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