1 April 15 August 2009
Call for applications, first round
14 April 2009
Official opening ceremony of the contest, presentation and press conference » More
15-31 August
Selection of semi-finalists.
1 September
Announcement of the semi-finalists
7-8 September
Education programme Principles of Technology Business » More
10-21 September 2009
Preparation of executive summaries by the semi-finalists
21 September - 11 October
Evaluation of executive summaries by the expert council
12 October
Announcement of the finalists
27 October
Road Show for the finalists » More
27 October
Solemn Award Ceremony » More
9-10 December
SVOD-2009 "Silicon Valley open doors" » More
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Ernst & Young

«Ernst & Young» is an international leader in audit, taxation and law, the key operations and advisory business.

International Management Institute (MIM-Kyiv)

The International Management Institute (̲-Kyiv) was the first business school in CIS countries and it started in Kyiv, it was established in 1989. MIM-Kyiv formed the standards of education for top and middle managers in Ukraine. MIM-Kyiv has programs for business owners and senior managers  – Senior Executive , , «Modern Management in Health Care»; programs of middle managers development – PMD «̲N-», PMD «Marketing», PMD «Finance and accounting»; special program for professionals in project management  PMP School – Project Management Professional; programm for top managers in Business Administration Area  – DBA. MIM-Kyiv is cooperating with leading business schools in the world in education and analytic projects. For 20 years the graduates of MIM-Kyiv was more than 4000 people, and over 1800 of them get MBA. MIM-Kyiv Alumni occupy key positions in every leading Ukrainian and international companies operating in Ukraine. Each year, MIM-Kyiv comes to teaching about 250 students for various programs.


BayView Innovation

The main task of BayView Innovations is attracting international expertise and resources for local technology companies. The company uses its connections in Silicon Valley (California), Europe and Russia to help shape the field of venture capital and technological entrepreneurship in Ukraine. The company is actively involved in organizing and carrying out virtually all activities on the territory of Ukraine and most events in the U.S., Europe and Russia, which could give the Ukrainian experience in technology companies, human resources, expertise and investment.


 Ministry of Education and Science

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is a central executive body and it is major in system of executive authorities to ensure implementation of state policy in education, scientific, technical, innovation and intellectual property.
The main tasks of Ministry are participate in the formation and ensuring implementation public policy in education, scientific, technical, innovation and intellectual property; creating conditions for getting citizens complete secondary education; development of educational, scientific and technical potential of Ukraine; determining the prospects for development priorities in education, scientific, technical, innovation and intellectual property; facilitate the functioning of the national system of scientific and technical information; ensuring integration of national education and science in the global system with conservation and protection of national interests.


Ministry of Industrial Policy

Ministry is the principal body in the system of central executive power to ensure implementation of the state industrial policy. The main tasks of Ministry are development and implementation of government programs of industrial development in Ukraine; determine areas of scientific and technical potential in the industrial sector; creating an enabling environment for building highly industrial sector; participate in the formation and implementation of regional industrial policy; ensure the implementation of state policy of innovations in the industry.


Weekly magazine “Komentri”

Business social-political weekly magazine.


“Komsomols’ka Pravda in Ukraine”

The most popular National Public Information newspaper.


“Argumenty i Fakty in Ukraine”

Most Printed newspaper in the world. In 1990, for a fantastic edition (33.5 million copies) was included in the Guinness Book of Records.


TV channel “Pershuy dilovyy”

"Pershuy dilovyy" - the first Ukrainian media project for the business community. Broadcasts "Pershuy dilovyy" supports more than 350 cable operators in all regions, the potential viewing audience of over 11 million people. "Pershuy dilovyy" TV 24 hours a day provides an opportunity for its viewers to learn current economic news, comments, qualified experts, forecasts and current information on the development of various industries.

Ukrainian business portal


TV channel “First National”

First National - the only television channel in Ukraine, which covers 97% of the state. Among the priorities of the channel - information and publicist, popular scientific, cultural, entertainment and sports broadcasting.


TV channel  “5th channel”

Free TV channel, aims to give the audience a fair news.



Patent Law Firm "T-Marka"

Provides a wide range of services in the field of protection of intellectual property, and provides related services. The company consists of patent attorneys, patent, lawyers who have professional knowledge and experience in various industries and technologies. The main focus of the company is to protect clients' interests in this field of law, developing as intellectual property, the Ukraine and abroad.

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