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16 August 2009 - Registration for the contest is over

  460 projects have applied to the contest

«For the first time in Ukraine, we saw the contest, 
that can restore the innovative activity in Ukraine,
combining the best innovation of the domestic authors
and covering all regions of the country ».
V. Sirotin
Stage filing and registration of projects to participate in the competition ended. Organizers have taken 460 projects from all over Ukraine. Such number of innovative projects did not expect one. Moreover, only the first year of the existence of contest. This confirms the 4th place of Ukraine by innovative potential in the world.
Projects which take part in the contest are represent  23 regions of Ukraine and Crimia, and few projects from Russia, Belarus and Israel.
As expected, big part of innovative projects were send from large industrial and scientific centers of Ukraine Kiev (26.6%), Dnipropetrovsk (14.3%), Kharkiv (11.5%) and Lviv (9.9%) regions.
Among the technology areas of project leaders are industrial technology and engineering (23,9%), Power and Energy (21,2%) - the revival of these areas nowadays extremely important.
At the end of the August, experts will finish projects evaluation, and at the  1st of September  will be announcment of Contest's Semifinalist, who will compete for the title of best innovative projects of Ukraine and further investment.


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