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30 July 2009 - 300 innovation projects have been registered

300 innovation projects have been registered for four months. As it was expected, the most of the projects concerned energo-preservation irrespective of the stage of readiness (30%). No wonder, this sphere is a troublemaker for native economy; it makes it to depend on energoresources of neighbour countries.

Such direction as “information technology and telecommunication” “(11%)”, Transport and mashine Guilding “(9%)”, “industrial, technology “(8%)” are also popular. These spheres are in need of Modernization and innovation.

Although, it’s early to talk about putting projects in practice. To decide what budjet must be to put innovative project in pracrice is rather hard task for many authors. Also we often see that native authors don’t have enough skills to present their project in interesting and understandable way for potential investors.

Ann Dechterova, deputy director of the High Technology and Innovations Centre: “We understand it, that is why we organize education programme “The principles of high-technology business” for participants of the contest. During two days best leading experts will teach participants in such spheres as project developing from the first level, investition attraction, intellectual property. We don’thave a task to master projects more detail. Our main task is to realize projects, to attract investors. That’s why we try to prepare properly all projects for investors”.

Vladimir Sirotin, chairman of Organization Committee; President of charitable fund “New Country”: “We don’t pretend to solve the problem of realization new technologies and innovations in our country in general. We give some opportunity to our scientists to get straight direction to investors. It is a chance not only to present your idea and show it’s attractiveness, but also with the help of investor to put it in practice for blessing of economy prosperity of Ukraine”.

It should  be mentioned, that Nowadays there is a stage of project Submitting and expert working up.Semi-finalist will be known on September 1. They will take part in education programme “The principles of High Technology business” during two days.

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