15 August – 30 October 2011
Call for applications, first round
20 September 2011
International Conference "Silikon Valley`s secret of success"
30 September 2011
Roundtable discussion "Innovation Breakthrough - 2011"
11 October 2011
Roundtable discussion "Innovation Breakthrough - 2011"
24 October 2011
Roundtable discussion "Innovation Breakthrough - 2011"
25 - 30 October 2011
Determination of the semi-finalists
30 October 2011
Announcement of the semi-finalists
31 October 2011
Education programme
7 - 13 November 2011
Preparation of executive summaries by the semi-finalists
7 - 13 November 2011
Evaluation of executive summaries by the expert council
14 Novembr 2011
Announcement of the finalists
16 November 2011
Road Show for the finalists
22 November 2011
Solemn Award Ceremony
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Education Programme
«Principles of Technology Business»
for Contest's Semifinalists.

During selection process of contest, we and our experts faced an interesting situation. Ukrainian developers have many interesting innovative projects and their successful implementation may bring results for author, investors, entrepreneurs and state. But a lot of developers are not familiar with projects budgeting, do not any knowledge how to work with investors, how to get positive reaction from investors to their project, how to manage intellectual property law etc.

Therefore, for participants who are the semifinalists, we decided to organize education seminar. We invite speakers, who are the processionals in such area as technology business, Intellectual properties, Budgeting etc. We believe that our Education Programme will help for developers to create right understanding of all processes in innovative project management and by this we try to prepare developers for "meeting" with investors.

As a result of the Education programme each participant will prepare Executive Summary of their projects.

Areas of Education Programme:

  • The successful implementation of high-tech projects from scratch;
  • The system of organization and implementation of innovations in the world;
  • Principles of intellectual property rights protection in Ukraine;
  • Budgeting of innovation project and definition of its business performance;
  • Practical advice for the commercialization of scientific developments.

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